UTG was founded by people, who were actively involved for more than 20 years in the Greek market as professional sound and light technicians. Their vision was to create a company through which they would be able to offer their knowledge and apply their innovative ideas regarding technical support to events of all kinds.

Having a goal to provide high quality services in the area of professional sound, lighting, and visual-acoustic projection systems, we focused on the excellent technical knowledge of the staff and invested in the latest technology.

UTG has already collaborated with more than 500 clients, including top Greek and international artists, advertising and production companies, political parties, public organizations and services, while at the same time we offer our services overseas, particularly in the Balkan area.

Having already invested a substantial amount of money during the last 10 years and continuing to invest up to date, UTG is one of the biggest companies in the field of technical support , installation of sound, lighting, rigging and visual systems in keeping with the latest technology ,qualitative and quantitative.

The existing competitive economy of the European market leads us to create and offer innovative technical solutions to meet the quality and budget needs of our customers,
looking for dynamic collaborations using our extensive experience and technology development.

We possess excellent know-how, thanks to our co-operation with experienced sound engineers, lighting designers and directors of photography of the Greek and global market.

• 50 fixed and highly qualified technicians covering all necessary technical areas and securing a unique quality of services.

• Special scientists team (sound experts, architects, engineers), which guarantee the best possible outcome in the design application and especially the safety of each project.

• Continuous training of our staff, focusing on the ability to manage the latest technology developments and the observance of all the safety rules of the projects we undertake.