UTG was established by professional sound and light technicians, who, for more than 10 years, were actively and successfully involved in the Greek and International entertainment industry. The prime task was to create a company through which technical brilliance and innovative ideas would contribute and support events of all kind.

Having a goal to provide high quality services in all fields of professional sound, lighting, and visual-acoustic projection systems, UTG focused on excellent staff training and invested in the latest technology.

UTG has collaborated with more than 700 clients, including top Greek and international artists, advertising and production companies, political parties, public organizations, and services, while at the same time offers services abroad, particularly all-around South-East Europe.

Having already invested a substantial amount of funds during the last 10 years and continuing to invest up to date, UTG is one of the biggest companies in the field of technical support , installation of sound, lighting, rigging and visual systems, constantly following up on the latest technology ,qualitative and quantitative.

A highly competitive European framework leads us to build and provide innovative technical solutions to meet our client’s quality requirements, being at the same time budget adjustable and looking forward for dynamic collaborations optimizing our extensive experience and technological efficiency.

We conquer a know-how of the highest level due to the best trained and experienced sound engineers, lighting designers and directors of photography of the Greek and global market.

• 50 highly knowledgeable and heavily experienced technicians, covering all necessary technical areas, secure a unique quality of services.

• Special scientist’s team (sound experts, architects, engineers), guarantee the best possible outcome concerning design artwork concept, and perform a high level of health and safety standards at each project.

• Continuous staff training, focusing on the consistent goal to master the latest technology updates and to provide, in due diligence, the highest level of safety at all projects undertaken.

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